Wedding Packages

We can assist you in putting together all of the basic components needed to build the foundation of your dream wedding at Ruby Lodge. Our Wedding Packages have been designed to address the needs of brides who either live out of town or who simply don't have the time required to make the necessary arrangements. Our Packages will not suit everyone and are not intended to offer a multitude of options nor handle all of the details. They have been formulated based on our experience of what "works" at our facility in terms of size, layout, professionalism and similar considerations and only include the items specifically listed.

Due to the highly personal nature of some choices, our packages donot include the following:
~ Photographer / Videographer
~ Wedding & Groom's Cakes
~ Clergy
~ Florist
~ Live Musicians
~ Special Lighting (tent lighting is included)
~ Guest Favors

Based on our experience however, we can make a few recommendations should you need the assistance in your planning.
Contact information and web links, when available, are included. We encourage you to contact any of the referenced vendors
directly to discuss their services, fees and availability.

Success starts with the basics...

An outdoor wedding at The Ruby Lodge generally requires several basic building blocks for success: use of the facility, of course, "building" outdoor ceremony and reception venues, music and food. All of our Wedding Packages can include these basics: the difference between them is in the level of amenities and, of course, the cost.

We offer two (2) Package tiers. The more economical tier is what we call the Daddy's Favorite. With this package we can help you put together a simply elegant wedding, no less unforgettable than those that can be created with the Premium Packages. Its just a matter of degree.

We encourage you to carefully review the pictures and package descriptions and cost then give us a call so that we can answer any questions you have and discuss a wedding at Ruby Lodge in further detail.